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1) a smash of words equaling Quadruple; multi tasking; playing; and stats. the ing, ness, and ism signify the act being done on a "sort of" basis...

2) its a computer user term that describes that you are too busy to reply to an IM or a tellephone call beacuse your multitasking at a Huge level.
*in an IM message*

person1- hello?
~5 min later~
person2- sry im Quadmultiplaystacsticingnessism
person1- haha no worries... me too...
by Kiken April 01, 2007
for one to be sort of lazy
Jo: should we call the peeps?
Randy: nah... i'm kinda lasyishness... ya know?
Jo: yea... me too
by Kiken March 29, 2007
a FAG is defined as a Female Ass Grabber
bob: you fag!
James: why yes... i am a Female Ass Grabber...thank you...
by Kiken April 01, 2007
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