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Yes; affirmative.
Choo: So, that means they did?
Kiko: Ya'ar!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
1. Some...lady.
Kiko: "More like 'Foo-olian!" *guffaws*
Foo-olian: Hey...what?
Foo-olian: Shouldn't my name read "Luolian," at least in this little script?
Kiko: Sorry, FOO-OLIAN, I make the rules around here!
Foo-olian: Oh, so that's how it is.
Foo-olian: *starts to tell some inside joke, is interrupted by Kiko's hand slapping her face HARD*
by Kiko February 03, 2004
1. The Question Queen.
2. An irritating asian girl, who rocks Ice Man's world!
Dr. Choo! Dr. Choo! Where would all the questions come from without YOU?!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
reggaeton is a party type of music dat has a good bass and its like spanish rap/ hip hop mixed witht the reggae beat. Its what most young Hispanic and latinos listen to.
Some examples of da best reggaeton rappers are Nicky Jam, Hector y Tito (los bambinos), Voltio, Tego C., Yaviah, Yaga y Mackie Ranks, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Zion y Lennox, Rakim y Ken-y, Lito y Polaco, Daddy Yankee, Tempo, Getto, Gastan, and Tony Dize
by KikO March 18, 2005
A rectal rash.
Kiko: Never had rectite, meself!
Emi: Uso!
Kiko: Punch-o!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
A very tall and lanky girl who is exceedingly strong, has platinum hair and dark tan skin, and is therefore quite frightening.
Kata's a she-beast!
by Kiko December 17, 2003
An all-purpose word, usually used to avoid answering a question.
"Billy, did you do your homework?"

by Kiko December 16, 2003

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