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66 definitions by KikO

Neat, cool, et cetera.
Why, that's Neato-Morabito!
by Kiko February 01, 2004
4 4

Having a dynamic personality.
Dope #1: Sarie is surely a nice girl; I've never seen anyone so sweet and positive about life!
Dope #2: Sarie? Yeah, right! She's always frowning, NEVER talks, and always snatches stuff out of peoples' hands.
Dope #1: What? No!
Killer #1: Maybe she has multiple personality disorder.
Kiko: Maybe she's just a bit plutonian!
by Kiko April 25, 2004
6 7
1. The "private area" of a female; specifically the area starting with the VULVA and ending with the uterus.

2. A wimpy individual.
Kiko: Imus in the morning? More like Vaginus-MaxIMUS in the morning! Ha ha ha!
Dani: ...
by Kiko February 08, 2004
12 13
Incorrect; wrong.
Kiko: Welp, I'm the King!
Dardenius: WROOOOWN!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
3 4
1. A silly, foolish, or cowardly person
2. A penis
That wenile doesn't stand a chance against Lewis!
by Kiko December 16, 2003
8 9
To describe something or someone that is or who is little and cute at the same time.
1)I saw this gilly puppy at the pet store the other day.

2)My mother made these gilly cupcakes for the kids the other day.

3)That is girl is gilly.
by KIKO November 09, 2013
3 5
Yes; affirmative.
Choo: So, that means they did?
Kiko: Ya'ar!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
6 8