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1. A scabbard for the wenile, as used to stop spoimies from gettin' in the vaginus-maximus; sometimes made to fit in TO the vaginus-maximus.

2. Choo's weapon of choice, when attempting to kill me.
*Kiko wakes up in a dark cellar, tied to a chair with barbed-wire*

Kiko: H-hey!
Choo: Hello...KIKO! *lightning strikes*
Kiko: What? Hey CHOO! Get me out of here!
*Choo pulls out condom*
Kiko: Choo, no! This is too ironic!
Choo: Your death only costed 3 cents to make!
Kiko: NOOOO!
Kiko: Wait Choo; what about the chair and the barbed-wire? Surely they costed money!
*Choo gets lost in thought*
Saucer: Good try, SNEAK-O!
Kiko: Saucer?! Not you! Sneak-o?
Choo: Die, LOVER-BOY! *attempts to wrap Kiko's head in condom*
*Kiko wakes up*
Kiko: Oh, just a bad dream.
Choo, 38, wedding ring on finger: What's wrong, Kik?
*Crypt-keeper wraps things up*
by Kiko February 08, 2004
A condition in which the affected individual(s) is anywhere from mildly amusing to very exciting to be around in real life, but has no apparent redeeming values on the internet; i.e. typing "lol," using "smilies," and acting as a tardus extremus in the matters of abbreviation, humor, and spelling.
Tommy: Brian seemed somewhat cool at the party last night, but when I talked to him online...
*flashback ensues*
Tommy FArtanyan: Hey, I just added you to my buddy list.
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: who is dis
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: o tommy rite/
Tommy FArtanyan: Are you drinking?
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: wat
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: r u ther
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: th3ere**
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: thrtr*
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: godamnit lol
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: THREE*
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: LMAO! THERE!
Tommy FArtanyan: G-gotta go!
Tommy FArtanyan signed off 12:30:22
*flashback ends*
Tommy: I guess the screen name he gave me should have given it away!
Kiko: CLASSIC case of Shamberlynn Germany Syndrome!
Tommy: ?
Kiko: *chomp*
by Kiko February 03, 2004
1. A plate, sometimes used to hold a mug.
2. A seemingly affable guy who wins the favor and acclaim of people for the purpose of back-stabbing and/or tricking them later.
Cup and saucer!

That Saucer; I'll get him one day!
by Kiko February 01, 2004
Hero of the west.
"Kid Howren's number 1!...in the West! Best in the West!"
"I thought the Braves were best in the west.."
"No dummy, this isn't 1992."
by Kiko December 17, 2003
Spanish-language term: shrimp, small fry.
Juan Jose: Yo, qué pasa ese?
Guillermo: Sup, escrillo?
Juan Jose: Who you callin' "escrillo," muh fucka? *pulls out Gat*
Guillermo: Yo yo, cool out.
Juan Jose: Aight. You see those drawers Alicia got on today? Shit yeah!
Guillermo: SHIT yeah.
Kiko: Get out of here, mexicalis!
Alicia: Mexicanitas rule!
by Kiko April 25, 2004
A colloquial form of "isn't" used mostly in the southern United States.
Tiny: The movie's showing at 7:30, itn't it?
Kiko: What are you talking about? What movie?
Tiny: Galaxy Quest 2
Kiko: Oh, Tiny!
Tiny: Never girve up, never surrender! Hoo hoo *spreads arms and runs while making plane sounds*
Kiko: Sai saichi!
by Kiko February 19, 2005
The AOL/AOL Instant messenger mascot.
Tommy: What happened?
Kiko: Oh, yellowie cut me off...guess it's MSN for the rest of the night!
Kiko: Hello?
Greenie: Muah ha ha! Tommy has been disconnected, MYSTERIOUSLY!
Kiko: Damn it, Greenie! So, you and Yellowie are in cahoots, is it?!
Greenie: That's right, and you'll never catch us! Say, I think it's time for a little "maintenance delay!"
Kiko: H-
*Greenie disconnects Kiko*
Yellowie, Greenie: HA HA HA HA!
by Kiko April 25, 2004

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