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1. An interrogation point, denoting that a sentence it is used in is a question.
2. Alternate way to say "What?"
Brown: "I went zablis abba carfth."
Kiko: "Question mark."
Brown: "... ..."
Kiko: "What did you just SAY?!"
Brown: "What did I just NOT say?"
Kiko: "Damn it Brown, you're such a wenile!"
Brown: "Thanks."
by Kiko February 02, 2004
1. A minor sore achieved after riding a horse for a long period of time.

2. A person who pretends to not be the person you're calling on the telephone, when it is in fact the person you were trying to call. (Does not apply to people who attempt dodging telemarketers/bill collectors.)
Jim Bob: Is this Scooter's roofin'? You were supposed to fix my roof ya...ya s-shitheads!
???: Who do you think you're talking to, fuckface? This is ***City breaks!
Jim Bob: S-s-saddle...sore.
by Kiko April 25, 2004
Having a succession of waves or curves.
Kiko: What is with you, tonight? Must be one of those high testosterone nights!
Tommy: Are you saying my testosterone level rises and falls like a sinusoidal wave?
Kiko: *fanfare* Acquired new key term: Sinusoidal! YESSS!
Tommy: You didn't know the term SINUSOIDAL? I'm disappointed!
Kiko: I thought you had misspelled/messed-up "sinuous."
Tommy: Damn escrillo!
Kiko: Hey!
by Kiko April 25, 2004
Tico of the year award-winner: 2002, 2003.
...and your winner, for a second year in a row: Tomás Estrada!
by Kiko February 01, 2004
booty dick and pussi... its a bad smell for gurls to have or any one.
dat bitch smell like badussi

dat bitches coochie smelled like badussi she needs to douche
by kiko March 28, 2005
A wonderful, highly intelligent, and super-d-duper guy!
Tomás Estrada: To know him is to love him!
Those who know him..love him!
Those who do not know him...love him, from afar!
by Kiko February 01, 2004
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