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66 definitions by KikO

Spanish-language slang contraction: "Son of a bitch."
Tomás es un grandisimo hijueputa!
by Kiko December 16, 2003
Telephone area code, Alaska.
Call (907) 564-****!
by Kiko February 01, 2004
1. Not widely known
2. Unfamiliar.
3. An unknown number.
4. A favorite answer of Kiko's
Choo: When will we do the art contest?
Kiko: Unknown.
Choo: >.<
by Kiko February 02, 2004
A terminal disease in which the effected individual may experience death at any given time, usually within 80-100 years.
Imminent death syndrome sufferers UNITE!
by Kiko December 19, 2003
a pet name for ur penis
anton- i hit that bitch with my beef stick
by kiko March 08, 2005
1. Commonplace

2. Symmetrical, well-rounded.

3. A person who normally visits internet facilities, i.e. chatrooms, game servers, and is well-recognized by his/her peers.
Regularly, I wouldn't do this!

Chatroom regulars sure are annoying people.
by Kiko December 16, 2003
A caucasian female who embraces the urban language/lifestyle.
Stupid yo-girl wouldn't go out with me because I don't have a lame souped-up CRX, and can't hang with her loser car-club pals.
by Kiko December 16, 2003