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A certain form of eroticism that involves Nun's from the catholic church as objects of sexual desire. Snilf evolving from the common Milf
dude, i was rocking a confession today with father guido, and some fit snilf was tugging me out right in the confession booth. Too gully
by Kijak February 27, 2009
A derogatory name for an unattractive woman. Derived from Ugly Ski Bunnies. The term Skunny is applied to a female if she has a unfit body, a mut face, and a bad personality. As well as a term for Skunk Weed.
Yo Bro, lets go pick some Skunny from the Mcdonalds. I hear there's some greasy ones chopping dope to minors
by Kijak February 27, 2009

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