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"Balls to you" it comes from Liza Minnelli saying it in a inteview, there's a 2second long video of her saying it all over the interwebs, and is used for exprecing anger.
Happy high dude: Hello my good friend, wanna get high?
Pissed of gamer: B2U

Happy high dude: What kind?
Pissed of gamer: What?
Happy high dude: What kind of beat do you want? You said beat to you!
Pissed of gamer: No, balls to you! n00b!
Happy high dude: What?
Pissed of gamer: FORGET IT!!!
by Kiipa January 15, 2011
When you buy a game in a real store (not online) you will get the game in a hard case... It's also known as HC or HCG (harcase game)
Dude one: Dude i just bought this awesome game... but I can't get it to work...
Dude two: Hard case or download?
Dude one: DL of course!
Dude two: Well there's your problem!
by Kiipa January 11, 2011

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