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Say this when you didn't catch the last thing someone said, like when they're mumbling or speaking too fast for you to keep up, or when the speaker says something unbelievable. Can also be used in place of the expletive "WTF".
Dani: "And she said he said she said that we should'nt, but I thought that maybe..." gushing

Dawn: interrupts Ellamenopi? Who? What?


Dani: Did you hear? Jaylee and Jordan got arrested last night!

Dawn: ELLAMENOPI?! Say what?


person: Ellamenopi! What'd the hell did you do to my car?
by Kiinoaeyy May 17, 2007
in reference to cheap pens when you disassemble them and the ink spills all over your paper.
Matt was so bored in class, he took apart his chem pens and flipped the ink cartridges across the room, splattering the floor with ink.
by Kiinoaeyy November 30, 2007
somex is short for sometimes, the "x" for "times" like in multiplication. some ppl use it in shorthand notetaking, instant messaging, texting, etc.

sometimes always maybe never yes and no
Andrew: woah do u go 2 the library evry day or sumthing

Chelsea: yes and no, just somex, I just brw a lot of bks


Nts: Fever

-somex is accomp. of commn cold
-somex need emerg. med attent....

you get it!!!!
by Kiinoaeyy September 07, 2007
a better way of swearing. used in place of "frick" and "f***".
what the fridge did u do that for?!
by Kiinoaeyy February 07, 2008
noun or verb; another word for sex or sexy, since they're both addicting and sweet.
"Alexis was the best piece of chocolate I've had in the last few months!"

"Gimme a little more of that kind of chocolate and I'll really show you my sweet tooth."

"I like it warm and chocolatey."
by Kiinoaeyy May 17, 2007
pronounced "ner". means no reaction. used in chemistry or if you have no idea what to say.
"I just finished reading that book you don't like."
by Kiinoaeyy February 07, 2008

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