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To Pull A Bob Bryar is to slap a camera repeatedly or show hatred for cameras.

Bob (Drummer of My Chemical Romance) had shown strong hatred toward cameras in Life On The Murder Scence, The My Chemical Romance Documentary.
Jeanie can't pull a Bob Bryar because she loves the camera too much.
by Kii Kii February 20, 2007
My Chemical Romance is a band just like Green Dayand Backstreet Boys. All though there is a huge gap in between Green Day and BSB music wise, they are both bands.

MCR do not label themselves "emo" and I simply do not see how they are either. Their songs "I'm Not Okay" and "Helena" are the only songs practically mentioned in the previous definitions, they have other songs too like "Our Lady Of Sorrows" and "Give 'Em Hell Kid".

Gerard Way, lead singer, is not in any way "emo" and has good fashion sense. He does not promote self harm or suicide. Gerard is just a normal guy in the world that doesn't deserve being insulted by those who listen to 50 Cent and Aaron Carter.

And none of the members is "mine" and they definitly do not want your babies. So STFU.
Teenie: ZOMG iZn'T gErAlD fRoM cHeMiCaL rOmAnCe HAWT??!!
Fan: No. "Gerard" from "My Chemical Romance" is talented and not just easy on the eyes.
by Kii Kii February 09, 2007
To fall over for no reason at all.
Courtney Love stupples all the time!
by Kii Kii February 20, 2007

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