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An owner of two or less computers, all of which are Windows 98 or below. Peasants are often DOS users, among which Windows 3.x computers are common. Although DOS users do everything the hard way, and I respect that and do the same usually, they are not considered equal because Microsoft doesn't make many upgrades for their computers any more.
Microsoft executed another peasant today, they killed its computer by overloading its RAM, all 1.5 megabytes.
by Kierin February 01, 2006
1)Lifeless zombies who are in the state of either debt, doubt, or high blood pressure that drive buses. Occassionally you will come across a hybrid, one who's mother cross breeded with a human.

2)Dog's encapsulated in obese human costumes, that drive buses, and never stop nagging for food.
1)"Dude, C'mon, the busdrivers gonna get his blood pressure checked again."

2)"I still don't under stand how the busdriver can still afford all of the fritolays chips."

3)"Good thing the busdriver can't fit through the isle way."

4)"Tony, did you bring any dog treats in your backpack today. The busdriver is barking again"

5)"Yes! Our substitute busdriver can't see over his stomach!"
by Kierin August 30, 2005

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