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A conjunction to link two clauses together.
The dog jumped over the fence AND the cat did too.
by Kieran Jones February 26, 2005
The cartoon character created by Jim Ridings. But even before that, April 3rd has always been a public holiday in some places because it is Cheeseweasel Day. He is said to put Cheese under your computer keyboard every year on April 3rd, but only for the good girls and boys. He also has a song, which can be downloaded from the main Cheeseweasel Website. The cheeseweasel has many websites, but I cannot mention the URL because that would be advertising.
(Words taken from the Cheeseweasel Song)

Who brings cheese on April 3rd?
He's not a silly bunny or a rabbit or a bird

by Kieran Jones February 26, 2005

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