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the little nub in the center of most laptop computers that acts as a mouse.
"Hey guys! Check out my new computer! Who wants to touch my nubbin?"
by Kid Aqua December 15, 2007
One who teabags. Can mean in real life or in a video game.
Random conversation: That guy's a total fucking sack packer.

After dieing in Halo 3: Fuck, I was killed. Fuck you you teabagging sack packer! (after seeing some noob teabagging the corpse)
by Kid Aqua December 15, 2007
when, in a video game, someone throws grenades or some other explosives at dead bodies, with the intent being to blow up and humiliate any sack packers who try and teabag the body.
Player 1: Dude, I just clusterfucked five noob sack packers who tried to teabag your corpse!
Player 2: Awesome! and I just sniped your ass while you were talking!
Player 1: Fuck! You backstabbing cockbite.
by Kid Aqua December 15, 2007
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