15 definitions by KicKaK

sound of money goin into your piggy bank
50 cent's song piggy bank
"clickaty clank, clickaty clank, the money goes into my piggy bank"
by kickak March 14, 2005
to show off something or pull something wild
ill teach ya how to stunt, my rims stay shinin my bentley ridin on smoke grey twins
by kickak March 14, 2005
a horney sex animal who is often trying to get laid
wow easy tiger! im not that easy
by KicKaK March 06, 2005
forget all these other definitions, a whip is not only an expensive car it can also be any car or sometimes bike, practically any source of transportation besides mopeds
i need to steal me a whip to get from point a to point b
by kickak March 14, 2005
someone who isnt very cool but somehow maybe through older siballings get sto be seen with coold people to look "cool"
yo im tellin u jasoin is always with us but never talks or stands out hes such a bopper
by kickak June 04, 2005
someone who never has their own weed and tries to smoke all he can from everyone else's
yo you a cheifer get off my weed
by KicKaK March 06, 2005
when a person is hunching another person in the asshole and the huncher gives the hunched a punch on the neck causing the hunched to tighten the anal for a more sensational experience
it wouldnt be the same without a donkeypunch
by KicKaK March 06, 2005
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