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4 definitions by Kibosh

A squashed fruit salad is created by tucking your cock and balls between your legs and pressing your butt and junk against a window/glass door.
Dude, did he just moon you?

Worse! He gave me a squashed fruit salad.

by Kibosh December 20, 2007
A Luntz is a maneuver where a man (preferably someone superior in the VRWC) shits in the mouth of another man, and the now-shat-upon man spews forth the fecal matter in a spray that covers the viewing audience. While the shit is still in the mouth of the now-shat-upon man, some of the feces likely soaks into his brain, as it does into the brains of the viewing audience.
-I was watching FNC and I totally saw Hannity perform the "N-S-U man" portion of a Luntz. Good thing I ducked.

by Kibosh March 29, 2008
Rolling On the Floor Touching My Penis
When she sexted me her picture I was ROFTMP.
by Kibosh March 29, 2009
A saganaki is when you cum on a girls face, light her hair on fire, and yell "Opa!"
The date went great. It started with a kiss and ended with a saganaki. We're gonna go out again as soon as she heals up.
by Kibosh October 25, 2007