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5 definitions by Kian

Fabmanx' and TFS' bitch. Expert at cocksucking and sandwich position. Proficient at handjobs.
"Fabmanx, you will carry the frontal assault on the island of Clitoris. TFS, you will lead the assault on the back woods through the jungles of Rectum. Oh, and one more thing, TFS, those pulsating, nasty chunks are called shit turds, chemical warfare, no doubt. Use caution, the bitch doesnt wipe her ass very well, Godspeed.
by Kian October 20, 2004
A skilled kid name Kianoosh Salami who can fix any problem. He will be the leader of the business world.

KianTech started in 1999
Leader of the world; dictator
by Kian February 23, 2005
a cool or lovable person that is hip and happening.
hey, you're just like kianster!
by Kian September 22, 2003
Endearing term for close friends, especially of Middle-Eastern descent.

Shet for how FOB Iranians say "shit."
"Shwat's up shetface?"

"Hey shetface look at my new car."

"Well if it ain't shetface."

"Oh snap shetface got a boner."
by Kian May 01, 2004
Tech a phrase which can be used in any contex.
TECH!; Tech no; I teched your mom; Tech you later; he Techxed me.
by Kian February 23, 2005