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The otherkin are a group of people who believe their soul originated as something other than human. The source of that origin as as varied as the individuals themselves. These can range from creatures of various mythologies. (i.e, faeries, dragons, vampires, etc.) to figures of more conventional spiritual beliefs. (i.e. Angels, Demons.) as well as but not limited to these and even more fanciful types. (i.e, Starseeds, extra-terrestrials, or any other variety.) The explosion of Otherkin groups and the spread of this belief is due in no small part with the accessibility of the Internet, allowing these groups to congregate and exchange ideas. Though the idea itself predates this media by a considerable number of years.
Each of these Otherkin types undergoes a process that is often called an Awakening. This awakening, according to several Otherkin sources is a process that brings about a spiritual transformation of the individual, taking them from their "Mundane" life and connecting, or in some cases reconnecting them with their "Other" selves and all of the attributes associated with it.

It is much debated as to the substance of this sub-cultures belief, as well as the mental stability of those who hold this belief. Often pro and anti Otherkin debates degenerate into namecalling matches with animosity on both sides.

Having listened to the different sides of the argument I can see valid points from both camps. The truth of the matter is this: It all comes down to what you believe. Belief, no matter how odd it may appear to any one else is strictly a matter of faith. The right to believe whatever you wish is just that. A right. If boiled down to its lowest common denominator, to denounce that which otherkin believe is to in essence denounce all faith. Why is it any harder to believe this person may be or have been an elf than it is to believe.. Oh say.. Some Jewish Carpenter returned from the dead? Or that some prophet moved a Mountain? Or even that a sea parted so slaves might escape Egypt? All faith defies logical reason. All of it. The use of any sweepingly general term is a poor practice, nor can a whole group be classified by the behavior of a select few. For example: Not all Germans are Nazis. This is not to say that some of these people don't have a mental illness associated with delusion or what not.. But to assume that everyone who has this belief is insane would be a gross misrepresentation. Generally one does not think a Christian crazy even though a ressurection, that claims of Christ's divinity cannot be proven. Nor should these people be unless the same yardstick is used to measure everyone.
There are several websites devoted to Otherkin.

The Otherkin hold controversial spiritual beliefs.
by Kia Reese August 11, 2008

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