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a fraternity is a proud collection of stand up individuals who are just as smart, fun, or whatever trait those people not in one choose to think of themselves as. they enjoy the camaraderie that develops from the pledging process as well as all the parties and good times that come after a pledge class gets in. they go out of their way to show kids who are new to the college experience or new to the college itself a good time, many times to have those ungrateful punks label them in a matter similar to some of these entries.
boot camp recruits get hazed and broken down in the process of becoming soldiers, and upon finishing boot camp, they become part a brotherhood w/people who had undergone what they went through, take pride in what they have accomplished, and embark upon a new lifestyle.....a pledge class gets hazed and broken down in the process of becoming brothers, and upon finishing their pledging program, they become part of a fraternity w/people who had followed the same program, walk around with a sense of being able to go through what many people are too afraid to do, and embark upon a new lifestytle
by KiLLa CraX March 28, 2006

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