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Alias of the famed rapper 2Pac. Derived from the name of Niccolo Machiaveli, believed to be the rebirth of the 'slain' rapper.
"My addversaries crumble when we rumble, its a catastrophy, im for revenge on bytch niggaz that blast at me. Plus my alias is Makaveli, a loaded 357 with hollow points to a nigga'z belly. Bust'em and see if he bleed, he should-a neva fuck'd around witta sick ass nigga like me. They call mah name out and niggaz run, best b prepare'd 4 tha Outlawz, here we come."
by KiLLA KADAFi October 08, 2003
Opperating Under Thug Laws As Warrior Z; consisted of Makaveli The Don Killuminati, E.D.I. Mean, Mo Komani, Hussien Fatal, Napoleon, Kastro, Moozalini, and Yaki Kadafi.
Thug Life, Outlawz, WESTSIDE!
by KiLLA KADAFi October 08, 2003
super purified incubated cumbubblez
what about a s.p.i.c
by Killa Kadafi October 22, 2003
Spanish Person in Control or Superior Person in Control
U ain't shyt compare'd 2 me, im-a S.P.I.C.
by KiLLA KADAFi October 08, 2003
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