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Mother Everyone's Fucked. Derived from the example of MILF as noted in the classic movie, "American Pie". This term is used for a female who use to be a slut, but then settles down, gets married and has a kid.
"Damn, I ran into Jen today and found out that she's married and had a baby. You remember Jen don't you?? What a MEF!"
by KiKKi January 14, 2006
Ugly Fucks Better. This is derived from the idea that ugly people are better lays than the pretty ones. The uglies are a good lay because they have to work harder to please you and they know they don't have thier looks to fall back on.
You:"Damn, she's a dog"

Me: "Don't knock it man, UFB!"
by KiKKi January 14, 2006

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