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Slang word for vagina.

Less crude and more amusing.
Charlotte get your vagine over here now!
by KiBeCh November 09, 2007
If something or someone looks bad.
Eww Charlotte looks like a shitty rag.
by KiBeCh January 26, 2009
A more humorous way of saying penis.
Eww Grant has a hairy peni tip.
by KiBeCh January 27, 2009
A shortening of scrotum.
Did you see Richard's scrote last week?
by KiBeCh January 28, 2009
Another word for vagina.
Hey Sandy, that's a nice vark you've got there.
by KiBeCh January 28, 2009
Another word for crap.
Charlotte: "I'm bored!"
Ian: "Yea this party is rag!"
by KiBeCh February 01, 2009
A funny but not mean way of saying something like "fuck off" for example.
Wank off Ian!
by KiBeCh January 28, 2009

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