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1- The ability to bypass natural skepticism in order to elevate unsubstantiated premises into the category of belief.

Faith allows belief in God without proof of a God. Faith allows belief in immortal souls that will be punished or rewarded after death, when conveniently no one ever returns from death with confirmation. Faith allows belief in divine beings who influence and then judge humans, yet remain suspiciously invisible. Faith allows belief in codes and regulations that permit and in some cases encourage violent intolerance towards people of different faiths, overriding mankind's natural altruism. Faith creates zeal out of nothingness. Faith must be installed during childhood, for that is the only time when evolution deemed it advantageous for humans to believe premises without testing them.

-Eidolon TLP
1- You just gotta have faith that the Christians and Muslims will cease killing one another.
by Khwai February 01, 2008

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