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Compulsively checking all social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, OkCupid, Match, Foursquare, etc.), obsessively waiting for a new update or message to come through to give you your fix.
"I just wasted four hours on Facebook today. My social needia is getting to me!"

"My social needia is causing my hands to shake, I have to get my fix of Tweets."
by Khump December 23, 2010
a particular brand of quirky, ridiculous and often inappropriate humor.
classic khump
by khump January 05, 2011
the absolute need for caffeine intake. normally occurs in the morning before anything deemed productive can take place.
Khump: "i can't concentrate right now, i'm totally caffiending"

BLaz: "get out of my office and go to the starbucks across the street"
by Khump January 05, 2011
A gay man who does not exhibit any blatant homosexual tenancies and often passes for a straight guy.
Gay Man: "It's so hard to date! I just don't really like the other gays"

Fag Hag: "You just need to find someone who is ingaynito."

Gay Man: "Yes please!"
by khump September 08, 2011

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