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1. The act of screaming (In an AAAAAAAA or AHHHHHH fashion) after a statement, usually when it's unnecessary to do so.

2. See we're jumping onto white base

The phrase stems from an episode of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam when Ryu Jose drove his rover off a cliff onto a space ship called "White Base." It became popular when a person who goes by Kajetokun made mixed clips of Ryu speaking and screaming into a song, similarly to a YTPMV.
Aizen Sosuke says:
-tell him to go die in a fire

Summah Tyme Khrene says:
-You can stop jumping onto white base
-And start jumping into the panel
-Okay not really it isnt that deep

Aizen Sosuke says:

Summah Tyme Khrene says:
by Khrene June 13, 2010
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