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Nickname for David Rosenthal, a member of the notorious K & O Factor. Rocks pure Oakley, from clothes, to shades. DOn;t fuck with him
YO there's the Oakman with the new Romeos.
by Khiladi April 01, 2005
Nickname of only two people, Sunjay Dutt and Mateen Khan. Gangsta to the core, Boxer Bhai will not hesitate to fuck you up with the butterfly knife.
Bhai of Khiladi.
Boxer Bhai just slices that nigga up for talkin' shit
by Khiladi March 12, 2005
A word invented by Nadia Drepaul to describe Khiladi A.K.A. Anil D, because he got all the shawties all ova him
Anil: Yo today I had like 7 chicks in my arm
Nadia: Ya rass pimp!
by Khiladi April 04, 2005
Martial Arts expert that will beat the living crap out of you.
Khiladi just did some high-flying martial arts ass-kicking action on those punks.
by Khiladi March 12, 2005
The roughest, toughest, badass badman outta West Palm Beach, FL. A.K.A. Miki Daibee, he chills with Khiladi and is GYANGSTA FI LIFE
Every time ya see he come around, say Bossman!
by Khiladi April 15, 2005

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