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1. Any hooker//stiletto style shoe worn by females assumed to be promiscuous and rarely worn by the innocent looking female next door.

2. **Any type of shoe when jumping on a trampoline that you feel make you jump exceptionally high. any type of nikes and any female flat style shoes

** my friend and I made this one up while jumping on the tramp
Moriel-hey look how high im jumping!
Zara- Mo take off your shoe on the tramp
Moriel- No these are trampshoes.
Zara- What?
Moriel- Trampshoes; look how high im jumping its cuz of these air forces. i think thats why the call them air forces. :]
Khari- lol] I'm using that one! wait, im putting my shoes back on. They're probably tramp shoes too. still lol]
*Garison walks up*
Zara- Garison take off your shoes unless they're trampshoes or flats like mine.
Khari & Moriel Laugh together aloud at their amAZING new word.

good times]
by Khari [kharkhar20] October 23, 2007

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