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An ancient Empire that once owned the known world. They were a major power, rivaling Romans and even capturing Emperor Valerian and reducing him to a slave. Islam sent the Persian Empire into ruins. Eventualy the empire came back in the 16th century to become a power yet again. However, religious fanatics took control and sent the Empire spiraling to its end. Persia was forced to play European powers off against each other during Imperialism and eventually showed improvement under the Pahlavis. However, religion yet again screwed the Persians when Ayatollah Khomeini came and ruined the country.
Persia always showed strength and modern thought until religion came and brought weakness and outdated principles of Arabs.
by Khalil January 10, 2004
The greatest teacher of all time and can only be understood through personal experience.
The shedule says we'll be talking about rashism in the South today.
by Khalil October 03, 2004
Having profit as a goal: a commercial band, not a REAL band.
Nimrod:Blink 182 and Sum41 are the best bands ever!
Coolguy:No they suck, they're punk-pop and to make it worse they're commercial.
by Khalil March 22, 2004

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