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1. A sarcastic way of letting a person know that whatever they are doing at a particular moment in time isn't working for them.
2. (rare) A genuine way of letting a person know that they are highly skilled or proficient in a certain area. Almost impossible to differentiate this one from definition "1"
1. (Drunk girl is dancing funky, as if having convulsions, at a club. Walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder): "Wow! Can you teach a class on dancing??"
2."How do you do it, man? You're a true BLG. Can you teach a class??"
by KhafeKhoon May 17, 2010
A response given when an individual or group of people are talking about a recent past event that they attended that you weren't notified of/invited to.
A: "Hey BLG wasn't that party last night sick??"
B: "Hell ya man"
You: "Mmhhh.... must be nice! I didn't get a call!"
by KhafeKhoon May 16, 2010
an anatomical feature found in virtually every molecule, cell, tissue, organ, and organ system in the human body.
(In cadaver lab with a probe pointing to a structural feature of the heart)
Instructor: "What is this structure?"
Ben: "Linea alba!"
Instructor: "Very good"
(Instructor points to a structure in the brain)
Instructor: "What is this structure?"
Ben: "Linea... alba?"
Instructor: "Excellent! You are officially the BLG. Can you teach a class??"
by KhafeKhoon November 21, 2010
In Persian, a way of asking another individual whether they will eat something or not; often used inappropriately.
A: "Hey BLG, what are you doing?"
B: "Not much. I got a big fucking kir bro, mikhori?"
A: "KTD!"
by KhafeKhoon November 21, 2010
An Indian name that can double as a stress-relieving way of calling someone a D-bag.
Individual A: "What's your problem man? Back off!" (now switch to the thickest Indian accent possible and enunciate at the top of your lungs) "DEEPAK!"
Individual B: "Uhhh... ok dude. Weirdo..."
by KhafeKhoon May 17, 2010
Short for "hella exhausted". When you're so tired you can't even say the entire word exhausted.
A: "Man, I had a long day at work. TL to do anything productive right now"
B: "Tell me about it. Hella eggs, bro"
by KhafeKhoon January 30, 2014

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