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The AIDS equivalent for the internet. No known cures.
Spam is pretty useless.
by Keynon May 03, 2005
A hilarious online-based show made using Halo and Halo 2. The show that made machinama known.
I love the newest RedvsBlue episode!
by Keynon April 24, 2005
The time of day that comes before snack time and after nap time.
"Nap time comes before pants time, not after."
by Keynon May 31, 2005
The worst part of something.
I got the ass end of the chocolate cake.
by Keynon May 19, 2005
The male fear of females when it's "that time".
Girl: "Why haven't you talked to me lately?! It's making me mad..."
Guy: "Sorry babe, I have periododicphobia."
by Keynon June 04, 2005
A drunken question asking anything that could be asked all at once.
Are you for-seriousing me?
by Keynon May 15, 2005
An all powerful and all seeing being in heaven.
May god himself reach down from heaven just to wipe your ass
by Keynon April 24, 2005

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