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3 definitions by Kewk

a slang term used for a mythical plastic vagina which is electrical in nature and usually derives it power from the wall socket.
Origin: Gay Joe from P-Town
I dont need me a girlfriend, I got me a brand new wallgina !!
by KewK December 14, 2004
8 3
l33t ppl use lamah as another word for idiots/morons.
<cs-nerd> Hi everyone, where can i get a q3 cd key ?

<l33t-quaker> go away u fuxing lamah!
by kewk January 05, 2003
8 8
To be surrounded by people who do not run around like spoiled infants doing everything they can ruin your experience.
I role-play every night on my computer.
by Kewk August 13, 2004
11 41