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A city that californians love to live in for a year thinking it's great until they realize where is all the fake people, where is the crap consumerism. Why the hell is this not california. They then decide to move back to california. In all honesty spokane is not super exciting we are actually very moderate when it comes to politics very rarely do you get bible thumpers or extremist hippies. We like to shoot down the middle of the road. We went 50.1 percent or something like that in favor of obama so you can tell like I said down the road.
Oh and did I mention like to move here and then complain about it
Californian: God I love spokane!

Time:1 Year

Californian: God get me the hell out of here where is my coat, great someone shit on the coats
by Kevinj152 December 15, 2008

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