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When a person on Facebook has hundreds, even thousands, of people on their friend list just to seem 'cool' to their peers. None of these people actually know or may have little contact/interaction with the person sending the friend request. The person sending the friend request think it is cool to have 2000/3000 friends on Facebook, but they never actually like any of their updates because they honestly don't care about the requester.
Aaron: Look at how many friends Kathrine has!
Javier: Yeah, but no one has liked any of her 10 post in the last hour.
Aaron: You're right, she just has an inflated friendlist
by KevinRunn October 25, 2011
Using a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.) as an excuses to send "mass text" to all girls of potential booty call.
Stephen: "Merry Christmas! Hope you got everything you wanted"

Kassandra: "Thanks, you too (:"

Stephen: "What are you doing later? Wanna hang out?"
Kassandra: "Sure, but I won't be your Holiday Booty Call this year!"
by KevinRunn November 27, 2011

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