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A term used to define the practices of the Amway Corporation. For years, it has been know that Amway uses less than honorable methods to recruit members into their cult.
No! I am not interested in hearing about Scamway. Please do not call me again!
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
The practice of seeing the same exact TV commercial immediately repeat itself.
Vince the Sham-Wow guy is getting a lot of airtime. His commercial played back-to-back... it's like dejamercial
by Kevinjanko October 26, 2009
Similar to 'Bed Head' in which the hair on the back of your head is matted down from prolonged sitting.
After a nap in my new Lazy Boy, I found that I had Chair Hair.
by KevinJanko July 10, 2008
like: Guardian Angel. Is the car driving infront of you in bad weather that helps you stay on the road and find your way safely.
It was snowing so hard, I could not see the road, but I followed my Cardian Angel safely to a truck stop.
by Kevinjanko January 26, 2010
Acronym for 'People Are Stupid'

A atch all answer for people doing, getting hurt or arrested for doing moronic things.
A guy was hit and killed on the freeway when he was running across the road to TAG the center median.

Response: PAS!
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
Acronym for 'Shooting Occupied Clothing'

A term coined from police work, when a gang member, frequent criminal or another deserving person is shot.

Officer 1: There was another shooting, two gang members capped each other last night.

Officer 2: No loss! Is a SOC crime.
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
To poop. Reminiscent of the little brown boy from 70-80’s TV show of the same name.
Dude! I have got to take a Webster.
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
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