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It is an awesome combo starting with a blumpkin and the finishing it off with a salty pirate.
Last night I gave that chick from the club a mean brown beard. The weird thing is, she loved it!
#blumpkin #salty pirate #boston tea party #dutch oven #boston pancake
by KevinDaKing August 21, 2007
It is the act of dude pissing btwn a chicks legs while she is taking a dump on the toilet. Then when he is done whizzing she proceeds to give him a bj...while still taking a dump.
Oh yeah that girl I meet last night was a FREAK. She wanted to go in the bathroom and give me a guappo treskow.
#guappo #blumpkin #reverse blumpkin #salty pirate #butt sex #bj
by KevinDaKing August 21, 2007
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