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3 definitions by KevinBeingKevin

1. To finish a task that has been troubling you for a long period of time.

2. The act of driving over the highway wall in GTA: San Andreas to escape the fuzz.

3. To purely own someone in a fantastic manner.
1. Don: Oh hell yeah! I finally finished my math!
Bill: Damn dude, yer gettin shit done!

2. *Drives over highway wall* Don: Check that shit out!
Bill: You most definately just got shit done!

3. Bill: *kicks kid in mouth*
Don: Whoa! You just got shit done!
Bill: Oh hell yeah.
by KevinBeingKevin September 15, 2008
1. A man with large muscles, more commonly known as a man beast. Likes to sport hats that show he is a hunter and a fan of NASCAR.

2. A guy that will jack your gun safe in the middle of the night like it's his.
1. Don: You see that beast with the huge arms?
Bill: Yeah, thats a fine Fyack.

2. No example needed.
by KevinBeingKevin September 15, 2008
1. A guy with a moustache that likes chocolate milk with vodka.

2. A guy that likes to call you all the time and always knows where you are.

3. Piece of sex.
1. Don: I saw Cotter put chocolate milk into that bottle of Grey Goose..
Bill: Whoa...

2. *Ring* Don: Hello?
Cotter: Are you at Chuck E. Cheese?
Don: Yes...?

3. Girl: Hot damn, Cotter is pure sex, I want that in my bed now!
by KevinBeingKevin September 15, 2008