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A common misconception of residents in New Jersey is the individuals on the Jersey Shore. People in New Jersey are commonly stereotyped as steroid poppin', hair spiked, orange douche-bags or for women extensions in hair, fake long nails, orange bitches. To your surprise, people from New Jersey happen to be normal human beings. The only areas with the New Jersey stereotype are in the Jersey Shore and most of those people are from New York or Philadelphia. The people who are from New Jersey and follow the stereotype are despised by the normal folk in New Jersey. Most of us do not speak with an accent, do not say "Joisey", pronounce the words "dog" and "talk" properly and are completely aware there is not a "w" in either of those words. If you do your research you will find that most of the people on the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" are from New York. Trust me, whenever we see that New Jersey stereotype we too despise him and classify he/she as "Douche". To sum this all up, the stereotype is false. We are normal people. The only people who follow the stereotype are New Yorkers, Philadelphians, and the common anus.
- I have lived in New Jersey my entire life.

Person #1: I'm from New Jersey.
Person #2: No you're not!
Person #1: Yes I am...
Person #2: No, if you were you would have an accent and say "Joisey" HAHAHAHAHAH!
Person #1: Die, away from me...

Stereotype: Douche
by Kevin696969 January 02, 2011

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