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A hispanic comedian who appears on comedy central in stand up shows or mind of mencia, his own show. At first, i thought he was pretty cool. I was tired of Comedy central, because of all the extremely racist black comedians talking about "the white man" They and their fans need to be shot and ripped to peices for their extreme ignorance of todays world. Anyway, the show was good, because right off the bat he ripped on every race. But after awhile, i began to distinguish flaws in his "equal" racism. Here is the percentages of what his jokes are about:
Stupid people(or, people he thinks are stupid) mentally challenged, those who make fun of him: 37%
Race.: 43% (icluded races below)
Whites: 13%
Blacks: 5%
Hispanics: 12%
Asians: 13%
Other: Jews, Italians, Irish, etc.: 1%
Jokes about terrorism and Islamic people: 10%
Politics: 10%
notice the difference between blacks and the other races? Equal my fucking ass! And the jokes he DOES tell about blacks, he then apoligizes and says "I love you, black people" SHUT THE FUCK UP! His jokes about people who hate him, OH that doesnt get old after the 5 millionth time! AND, his jokes about islams. Okay, ill admit that i absolutely HATE the 911 bombers and Al queda, but that doesnt give me the right to make fun of the peaceful, religious ones, and neither does cocklos mencia!
So, I have one message for carlos mencia:
Mencia, you are the most hypocritical tv personality in history. You jokes about Islams, Terrorism, Mentally challenged, people who dislike you, (ME!!) Politcs, and race are old and faggy. Youre just saying what everyone else says. So next time you appear on mind of mencia, or one of your gay stand up shows, please have new, more equal material, or GET THE FUCK OFF COMEDY CENTRAL
Carlos Mencias a douchebag, Period.
by Kevin The Savior May 25, 2006

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