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A burnt tator-tot or mexi-fry.
Fuck man! You left the oven on too long and made fucking nig tots. Idiot.
by Kevin Patel April 11, 2005
An informal name for the nothern part of Edison, NJ
Man! Why is it so crazy down in New Bombay? Why are they trying to be like Iselin?
by Kevin Patel October 25, 2003
to be savory, sexy, smooth, silky, and seductive all similutaneously
Female 1: Damn, that Kevin Patel is keepin' it saucy.

Female 2: Yeah girl, hes keepin it saucy fo reals.

Female 3: mmmmmmmm kevin patel.
by Kevin Patel April 19, 2005
the stench of moldy semen, body odor, old clothing, and human waste that has fermented for many months in a small college dormroom.
Kevin was trying to get his mack on when his bitch said, "It smells like grunch in here!"
by Kevin Patel December 15, 2003
the smell that is left over after kevin patel takes a large dump in your house that you can smell from the opposite side of the house
i couldn't enter my house because of the horrible grunch smell
by kevin patel January 10, 2004

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