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Resultant of a passing joey, an inexperienced skier, who leaves strange derailing bumps, lips, and/or edges that disrupt the riding of boarders and/or other skiers.
1) Shit, I hate joey bumps.

2) Dude what happened back there? You ate it hard.

I know, god damn joey bumps.
by Kevin O'Such January 30, 2008
The result of ski goggles hanging off the back, latched by helmet, becoming entangled in itself; usually sighted on ajoey, but can occur to any skier or border who losses focus on location of goggles.
Haha, nice joey twist fag.

You wanna know how to spot a joey; the classic joey twist.
by Kevin O'Such January 30, 2008
Slang for an extremely inexperienced skier riding in an unusual way most likely in a wide criss-cross pattern taking up most of the trail; usually of young age yet there have been sightings of older joeys.

Also look up: joey bumps; joey twist; joey hill.
I was just up on Black Bear.

Yeah? How was it?

Well, if it weren't for some joeys it would have been nice.
by Kevin O'Such January 30, 2008

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