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In this sex move you will require a tin of Skoal (any flavor will do). Begin by packing a delightfully fat chew in your bottom lip. Proceed to have sex with your girlfriend, significant other, hooker, etc. Remove your penis for just a moment while you dip-spit on it. Now switch the insertion point from vaginal to oral. This will result in quite a surprise for the receiver.
"I pulled the Skoal Switcharoo on Tonya yesterday so she dumped me. Lets go dip."
by Kevin O'Shea September 15, 2005
To take a dip of rich smokeless tobacco.
I have free period F-block, so im going to throw one in and play halo 2 in Gables.
#skoalin' it up #dip #lip #lipper #skoal #skoal switcharoo #deerfield
by Kevin O'Shea October 04, 2005
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