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Defenition 1: This word can replace a noun, if done correctly.

Defenition 2: If one can't think of a cool come back. This is the phrase to use.
Guy 1: "Whoa! U made cool sound effects with that paper bag..."
Guy 2: "UR MOM makes cool sound effect!"
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company May 01, 2005
a phrase: means there is much love and chemistry between the two lovers.
guy: "i love you, do you love me?"
girl: "well i love you like 10th grade science class..."
guy: "huh, why 10th grade science class?"
girl: "there's so much chemistry."
guy "o-got it.well, I love you like 11th grade science class."
girl :"physics?"
guy: "ya, there's so much potential."
(guy and girl make out like 9th grade science class, biology-life or creating it)
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company June 04, 2005
Thanks to Tom Anderson established in 2003 this widely used online profile have now become a person's life. A popular feature is the ability to assemble galleries of friends, with their photographs linking to their own pages. (As at many networking sites, MySpace members must receive permission from other members before adding them as friends, and sometimes "friendship" is no deeper than a brief e-mail exchange.)

Myspace has become the place for geeks/emos/scenesters/bands/preps and others alike to prove how they 'truly' are by informing others in the about me section. You add everyone from the guy you were too scared to talk to, to comment and say the unforgettable how are u? or watz up? question or the 'good' girl in school whose photos consist of the partially nude her. It is the ultimate ego booster, when people you don't know tell you “hey you got aim? Ur hot”

You over load the music section, naming every band you've heard of, as in... just heard of, not listened to. It is a competition of how many bands you can name and how many friends you can get in a given time. A way to test your popularity and flaunt it by saying to your friends the next day in school "So I got 27 friend requests yesterday" - "Well I got 87..." - "...oh....". Groups are also made to have similar people in one place where again they post bulletins, message each other, post pictures and add friends.

The term "whore" is for whoring, the way to advertise one's self or other's in bulletins. The repeating of ADD ME until it is noticed and praising one's self with 'I'm hot and I comment back' is just all game. Friendship is as deep as a rain puddle. Spamming or 'raping' comment boxes with ADD MEs are just as game as whoring.

Myspace was originally for bands to spread or share music, Tom was in a band, he came up with an idea and it was myspace.

::wakes up:: "I think I'll check my myspace"

"post this bulletin or you will die in 7 days!"

"omgeez, I hate you, ur hella gone off of my friends list..."

"what!? you don't know what a myspace is? what's wrong with you... EVERYONE knows what a myspace is..."
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company December 28, 2005
A phrase to show one's affection to another. 10th grade science class where i come from is CHEMISTRY. If the person that you tell this phrase to asks WHY? Just say "cause there's sooo much chemistry."
Friend 1: "I love you like 10th grade science class..."

Friend 2: "Why?"

Friend 1: "Cause there's sooo much chemistry!"
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company May 01, 2005
Short for Decent. Characterized by conformity to recognized standards of propriety or morality. Free from indelicacy; modest. Meeting accepted standards; adequate.
girl 1 "Whad you think of..."
girl "ur mom!"
girl 1 "what?"
girl "She's dece... if i was a guy, you know with a penis... i would do her..."
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company October 21, 2005

Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. See Synonym, foolish.

that's 'dece'...

that's 'legit'...

most 'deff'...

that's 'rad'...

that's 'redic'...
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company December 14, 2005
It can mean passion, romance. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person
It can be that feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair.

Or it could be one of the worst words on this planet, especially in between “I” and “You”
Love can be fake, it can be real, in any situation, you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it.
Love is life it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're ganna get.
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company December 16, 2005
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