3 definitions by Kevin Laster

The term given to an intangable item that makes the person feel more on a spirtual level. Since recreational drugs are fleeting and are only temporary, endless drugs are those that stay with you for a lifetime.
The love I have for my wife is an endless drug.
by Kevin Laster May 17, 2006
When a person gets ridiculously out of control and starts breaking things usually while "rocking out" (in reference to the band The Chariot)
Dude! Did you see Kevin plays drums last night? He got straight chariot faced!
by Kevin Laster June 23, 2008
An appropriate-for-work saying that let's you keep your job instead of always using the F word.
Dude! I have to come in on Saturday? What the fizzo?
by Kevin Laster June 23, 2008

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