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A crusty or dirty substance on or around a womans cooter or vagina or vagile region.
Damn girl you got some cooter dooter.
by Kevin Kessler April 25, 2008
Basically seat savers but just platinum edition. Meaning that if you do not abide by this rule we can tie you to a wall and throw large objects at your body.
Johnny had to take a piss and called seat savers platinum.
by Kevin Kessler April 25, 2008
Its simply the action of a man taking a shit on the toilet while getting s blowjob, all while the pee is also flowing from his cock in the womans mouth and the woman is flowing, which means having her period.
My buddy Al was in the bathroom getting a flowflumpkin because his girl was pmsing really bad!
by Kevin Kessler April 25, 2008

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