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Being the most recognizable and widely used word in it's language, Jabaja is pronounced with two simple rules, which are as follow. J's are ALWAYS pronounced as Y's, and the final A of exclusively the word Jabaja is silent.

This word is the psychological cocaine. It means everything and nothing at the same time. Whispering, yelling, or writing this word will satisfy men's natural instincts. To complete the picture, one must extend his arm forwards with the fingers tightly together and pointing, while the thumb lies on top. The hand MUST be perpendicular to the ground. (face down or up is not acceptable)

After mastering Jabaja, one can use it with similarly sounding words, mostly ending with a "ja" (Ya)

(People WILL hate you if you do Jabaja explicitly. But do not fear prosecution; the Christians went through it too.)
Shalamaja daja?
Kuraja dabaja.
Generajamaja-eja daraja!
Kurra... ejadaraja, calamaja.
Doompee Doompee! (An example where it does NOT end with a "ja"

Why did the girl wear low-riders, smoke, and act really cool in a party?
Because she wants to get Lajawaja! (An example of putting Jabaja into English and making a pun.)
by Kevin He February 22, 2008

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