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The token funny kid in a group who is typically underrated. Also a Spitznagle tends to play World of Warcraft.
Ian: Dude that was hilarious, tell that joke again.

Heath: Nah man, my level 70 Hunter needs to go ride a raptor.

Ian: You are such a spitznagle.
by Kevin Gypsy February 13, 2009
Inbred, usually with chubby cheeks and freckles.
Tyler: Hey man, did you see that porker?

Kevin: Yeah, he was such a Kelch.
by Kevin Gypsy February 11, 2009
The world's worst and most hated side-kick ever! First off, he is a furry fag, second his name is Miles Prower.... miles per hour, seriously, finally Sonic should pimp slap gay out of him.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3, Tails is terrible
by Kevin Gypsy February 18, 2009

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