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1)A term that seconds the taunting, comeback, and/or verbal abuse of another person.
Ashyle: Gah, Tom, why are you such a freakin' fatso?
Kevin: OH SNAP!
by Kevin Garcia December 06, 2005
n. somthing incredibly funny that only you and your friends who were there at the time will ever understand. Ever.

Meghan: The s*** has hit the fan. Doooodleootdoo doo.
Multiple people: AHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! oh gahh that was funny.
Victor: i don't get it.
Me: Inside joke.
by Kevin Garcia December 07, 2005
To turn someone who isn't scene into a scene kid by manner of their clothes and hair.
Emily: Kevin, when are we gonna Sceneitize you?
Kevin1: YEah cause you know how handy i am with the needle and thread, I'll get you tight pants in no time.
Kevin2: But i like my polo shirts...
by Kevin Garcia August 17, 2006
When your listening to your iPod, minding your own buisness and someone comes up, grabs your iPod without asking to see what song your listening too, and in some cases accidentally turns up the volume to turn on the light, making you deaf. They then return your iPod to you saying "sorry" as if it makes it better.
Why the heck are you iJacking me?

dude, this girl iJacked me and i cant hear out of my left ear now
by Kevin Garcia June 28, 2006
Verb: The act of making something crooked by some strange means
Alle was crookeding some trees over the weekend when she was smashing her cousings new go kart into them.
by Kevin Garcia December 28, 2005

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