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an expression after one has done a stupid thing
(i walked into a wall.) d'oh!!!
by Kevin G August 13, 2002
a fat woman. an overweight female.
man that woman is the Obligit!
She is very Obligit
by Kevin G June 25, 2003
A skateboarding move where a boarder jumps from moving car onto a skateboard.
Chris pulled a mad Estler off his mom's minivan the other day.
by Kevin G June 25, 2003
A word to describe roadkill. Commonly used in rural areas where lingo does'nt spread quickly or easily.
Thats a fine piece of "osp" lying on the side of the road
by Kevin G June 25, 2003
the star of the show Joey

however matt leblanc does seem kind of h0m0 to me... its weird.. hard to explain.. gives that kind of.. X and X chromosome feel...
Huzan: Hey did uw atch joey?
me: no i think its homo
by Kevin G December 30, 2004
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