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An extremely well done but greatly overplayed musical piece by the British dream rock quartet, Coldplay.
Holy shit! They just played "Clocks"! Turn the damn radio off!
by Kevin Frost April 10, 2004
A phrase interchangable with 'sodomized'
If you don't want to be Ned Beatty'd, don't drop the soap.
by Kevin Frost April 10, 2004
1. Person who is extremely embarassed.

2. Person who eats meat in a gratitious manner with the only purpose of angering and upsetting vegetarians.
1. The man is incontinent, of course he's a red face.

2. They had to cancel the PETA rally because a whole load of red faces pulled up and ate about 500 lbs of raw meat right in front of us.
by Kevin Frost April 10, 2004
1. A companion. One of the greatest things existance has to offer.
2. One of the most overrated and overplayed telivision programs ever. Revolves around smug jokes and smug characters. An all around crappy show.
1. It's nice to have a friend. No wonder Elton John wrote a song about them.

2. Oh now I understand. You smashed my TV with a sledgehammer cause "Friends" was on and we couldnt change the channel or turn it off. Thank you, you're a true friend.
by Kevin Frost April 10, 2004

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