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2 definitions by Kevin Esmeier

closing to blog or journal entries of an overall insignificant nature; used in the context of making a big announcement that winds up being something of little or no importance. Can also be used to conclude short, spontaneous, even non-sequitur blog or journal posts.
Adam's post in LiveJournal:
"I just tilted my head back and squeezed a good sized squeezeful of ketchup into my mouth.

That is all."
by Kevin Esmeier September 30, 2007
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An expression used in an email response when you're blowing someone off who is on a tangent that isn't worth responding to. There isn't much they can send back after this type of response.
Incoming email: "You should go jump off a cliff, you are worthless and you don't know what you are talking about."

Response: "Duely noted."
by Kevin Esmeier October 11, 2007
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