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3 definitions by Kevin Dibble's Mom

M.A.C. is a heavily overweight negro with an attitude as bad as his hunger.

Has a SIX POINTED PENIS often referred to as his "Star of David."
Surprisingly this will not save the Jews from Hitler.

Wakes up at 2 p.m. and spends 25 hrs a day watching YouTube videos.
"Bro you're such a M.A.C. aka Man Across Corridor I wish we had you in the 1940's"
by Kevin Dibble's Mom April 10, 2009
8 3
An often unshaven lumberjack who consumes massive amounts of rubbing alcohol and proceeds to piss on the bathroom floor and vomit on his roommate.

Arch-Enemy of the wild Kevin Dibble.

Ally of the elusive Man Across Corridor.
^(funny to watch the fat fight)^

Leader of "Preble's Rebels"
"Yo bro you're such a Preble"
by Kevin Dibble's Mom April 10, 2009
5 1
A Dibble is a person who will take any situation and add a shit ton of kegs and thousands of people to try and sound cool when we all know that he's a douchebag.
Also used for scalar quantities.
"I went to UConn to visit my cousin and there was a party in the parking lot with like, 85 kegs welded to a truck. They tapped the kegs through the truck. Dude, there were huge black guys flipping trucks and shit and there were like... 10,000 people."

"On a scale of 1-Dibble, that story is a Dibble. Dude you're such a douche-dibble."
by Kevin Dibble's Mom April 10, 2009
6 15